Why Is Ultra Here?
At Ultra Fitness and Strength we believe in providing a welcoming training environment where no matter what stage of your life you are at you will feel accepted and empowered by our incredible culture. Your success will be inevitable. – ‘The Ultra Culture.’
1-10 Members per Coached Session
Online Booking System
Tailored Individualised Programming
How We Do It
Our highly knowledgeable coaching team care about your results as much as you do - we want you to succeed.
Each member of Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym will receive individual programming sent to them online each week by their coach. Your programming is sent based off how last week went and what we need to do to move forward towards your goals.

We have an online booking app that allows you to book in your session times with the flexibility of being able to cancel and reschedule with our busy lifestyles.
So How Do I Get My FREE Week Trial!?
Contact us asap:
E-mail: jake@ultrafs.com.au
Phone: 0413 236 281
What We Do
Ultra Fitness and Strength provides small group training, individualized programming, Strength and Conditioning, Powerlifting and Strongman training options under the guidance of a coach.