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June 9, 2017

Find Gym Partners as Hungry as You!

As I write this I am speaking from personal experience. Last year (2016) I trained most of the year by myself and in my own gym - Ultra Fitness and Strength. I thought I would be fine, I am hungry for success, determined with a sickening work ethic, what do I have to worry about? I can do this on my own! This is what I thought at the time...


Rewind my life back even further to when I started training for competitive Powerlifting 4 years ago in 2013, I was at 'Elite Physique' gym and had started training with a group of Powerlifters with a strict training schedule and strength methods. It was fantastic!! 2013-2014 was the year I made the most progress, I got freaking strong!


Here are some quick stats for the year of 2013:
Squat - 200kg to 255kg
Bench Press - 120kg to 165kg
Deadlift - 240kg to 293kg (GPC Australian Record)
Age - 22 to 23



This time in my life was very special. The start of an amazing journey full of lots of Learning opportunities, which brings me to the point of this blog post. You will NEVER make as much progress as you would if you were training in a team/culture! You want to be a Lion!? Train with LIONS!


It was time to move on from 'Elite Physique' gym as I had started my own personal training business (Ultra Fitness and Strength, which is now a gym with it's own location!) and I was approached by a man named John to run my PT Business out of his gym 'PTC Canberra' so I thought "Why don't I just train here, I know what I need to do now, I have focus, work ethic, discipline and determination." Little did I know I was just about to embark on the biggest Powerlifting learning curve of my life, I was about to learn the hard way... from experience.


From 2014-2017 it was like I had been thrown into the dirt and every time I went to get up I was knocked back down again. This period of my life had seen a torn shoulder, a torn lat, tweaked adductors, niggle after niggle, a 20 week strength cycle with no progression in strength, multiple online coaches and the list goes on. In this time I was also building a business, a brand and opened a gym which is now running very successfully. I had a lot on my plate!


You know what? I regret NONE OF IT!


This period of my life made it so damn clear to me that you cannot do it by yourself if you want to reach a high level. If you get knocked into the dirt, do it with someone so you can call life a mother f**ker and get back up together and keep moving forward! They say Powerlifting is a solo sport, how about this!? Make it a team sport and train with a pack of WOLVES!! Watch your progress closely, it will be moving fast!!


At this current point in time I am being coached by Alan at 'Romero Athletics' and train with a bunch of great people there on Monday and Thursday. I train with Jeremy on Tuesday at UltraFS Gym and I go to 'Evo Health Club' Wednesday and Friday to train and hit the sauna! I also have potential to have added coaching off Eric Lilliebridge (World Class 140kg Powerlifter), I am being mentored by Dave from 'Func Fitness' and to top it off I have also been invited to be a part of the 'King Ape' Family giving me guidance with supplements.


I am currently surrounded by AMAZING people in the fitness/strength industry and I am constantly in a different environment learning and networking. The only time I can remember being this dedicated and driven is when I was training in 2013 with a team. I haven't been this damn happy with training in a long time. Get yourself training partners that are as hungry as you! Surround yourself with GREAT and you will also become GREAT! :)


Quick shout out to UltraFS Gym, this is EXACTLY why it is semi-private, 6 on 1 training! Let's progress as a community and a culture! Doing it alone SUCKS, trust me ;).


Thank you for reading.


- Jake Fisher


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