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June 8, 2017

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Forget The Nutrition Plan!

June 16, 2017

Would you go to work and not be paid for it? Then why the hell do some of us train our freaking ass off and then hope that the magic 'gains fairy' is going to come along and give us a beautiful sculpted body without incorporating proper nutrition. OHH YEAHH I'm just going to go train for 3 hours and then go home to nibble on a few rice crackers... Good one!


I mean, how far is a freaking car going to go without fuel? Ever wonder why some people are in a shitty mood and are tired all the time? You can almost guarantee they are putting the cheap fuel in them self. It makes sense too, a cheese burger from Maccas is $1, a salad from Woollies is $5. Most of us don't have money to throw at a few unfulfilling lettuce leaves that won't even fill us.



We Already Know!!

This post has no intention to direct anyone to start macro counting and measuring every grain of rice you put on your plate. "Oh, is the 100g of rice measured meant to be before or after it's boiled?" Please stop over thinking and just eat the damn rice! I have written this post to attempt to motivate a more holistic style of nutrition intake. Unless you are trying to be a serious athlete and are 100% committed to sacrificing every part of your day to your craft then having a macro diet is just SO unrealistic, for some people it works, but for most it won't. I say this from observing over the years of being in the fitness industry.


In fact, I have completely stopped giving out nutrition plans as I have found 9 times out of 10 it will fail, and here is the main reason why: WE ALL HAVE A GENERAL IDEA WHAT WE SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT BE EATING. It is the snacking and the drinking that catches most of us out! It is like when we seek out a professional for a nutrition plan there is going to be some magic secrets that are unheard of in there.


Some of you may be able to relate, but typically what I have observed is this: Week 1 of the new plan will be easy as we are super motivated for something new, week 2 will be okay and then week 3 we start creeping back to old snacking habits and drinking.


So how do we counter this..!?



What Is A 'Why?'


"I want to lose weight to feel better about myself," what a bunch of crap! it has to go deeper, "I want to lose weight to feel better about myself so I can go to work feeling confident around my peers. When I get home from work I want to have enough energy to play with my kids, be a good parent and greet my husband/wife with an energetic smile."


Or to twist it the other way. "I want to put on muscle and be strong!" Siiiiighhh how motivating is this bullshit. How about "I want to put on muscle and be strong so I can raise my daughter above my head and spin her around with joy, I want to be a strong mother/father for my kids."


THESE HAVE POWER BEHIND THEM!! I used family/kids as an example, understand there is a powerful 'why' in all of us to put emotion behind what we are doing.


'When you know 'why' you do what you do even the toughest days become easier.'

So back to the family/kids analogy. Say 'John' gets home from work and he is tired and just wants a quick microwave meal and sit down. SO JOHN!? Are you saying your 6 year old daughter isn't worth you getting your ass up for an extra 10 minutes to make something that is better for you. John's 'why' kicks in, he thinks about it and takes action.


In my opinion you will have far more success if you have emotion attached to your nutrition goals. Rather than searching for a meal plan, search for your 'WHY.' You already know what you should and shouldn't be eating! It doesn't take a nutritionist to tell you to put a fucking chocolate down or if you want to gain weight to up the intake of calories, we know this stuff! It takes a strong will, emotion and passion, this is all attached to your 'why.'


To Conclude: If you struggle with your nutrition here is something for you to try. Find your why, this may be hard for you but so is having shit nutrition so deal with it and find it. Then every single morning write it down, sear it into your sub-conscious so the moment you have to deal with the conflict of whether you should or shouldn't eat/drink something your 'why' kicks in and makes the decision.


-  Jake Fisher



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