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February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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Shit Eaters... And Is Training In Winter Hard?

June 20, 2017

Training in Winter is hard... Training to invest in yourself in Winter is hard... Training to invest in yourself for your family in Winter is hard... Training to invest in yourself so you are functional and healthy for yourself and family in Winter is hard. Training to invest in yourself as a solution to your anxiety/stress and so you are functional and healthy for yourself and family in Winter is hard. TRAINING IN WINTER IS HARD EVEN THOUGH IT IS A CHOICE IN MY LIFE THAT SOME PEOPLE DON'T GET TO HAVE!!


Huh.... All of a sudden training in Winter doesn't seem that hard...


My mind works in a weird and wonderful way. This is the type of things that I think about if my mind even dares to challenge whether I should go to training or not.... Scratch that, 'should go to training,' 'need to go to training,' that's better...

Shit Eaters....


So basically what I believe is that different societies have a different view of what is hard and what isn't. If we live in a society where having a bad tasting coffee in the morning is actually a problem of course people are going to miss the fucking gym when the temperature is cold... Even if the damn gym is heated!!


In relation to this I was listening to the radio in the car today and they were playing the game 'Would You Rather...' Long story short, would you rather eat 'poo flavored chocolate' or 'chocolate flavored poo?' The 3 hosts all said 'Well, obviously the chocolate flavored poo!' You may agree with them but in my head I am like are you freaking serious!? You would rather eat something that would make you violently ill because it tastes like fucking chocolate!? Our society is weak! There I said it! No wonder these shit eating folk can't get to the gym in Winter!


Anyway, before I get carried away here is my solution. We are a product of our environment there is no question about it, whoever we are surrounded by is what we will be influenced by and become. Our society is what we become if we let it. I am not at all saying we have a bad society, I am just saying there are parts we can definitely question... Like eating shit. So this is what I do, I create 'my own society.' I pick who I talk to, who I listen to and I surround myself with highly successful people that I want to be like. How you say? YouTube, Books, Podcasts, anything!! We live in a wonderful world where you can literally surround yourself with anyone!


Surrounding yourself with who you want to be like will literally change your life to whatever you want it to be like (Law of Attraction). So rather than being a shit eater you can surround yourself with the type of people that are going to go to the damn gym in Winter!!


I may have branched a bit off topic there but it all has to do with why going to the gym in Winter is hard, it comes down to perspective, it is our societies perspective of hard. Whilst another societies version of hard is actually surviving another day on earth our version of hard is going to the gym in Winter. When we think of it in a different perspective the chances are we will get up and go to the gym without question, it isn't hard anymore!


To conclude ill recap on two important things mentioned in this post. The first one is surrounding yourself with the type of people you want to become and the second one is putting things into perspective. We have it pretty good I say....


- Jake Fisher




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