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June 8, 2017

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To Do: Be Present

June 27, 2017

A turning point in my life happened last year when I was having burn out after burn out grinding my face off developing the Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym. A mentor I look up to said the words "If you aren't having fun then why are you doing it." 


Things like success, happiness and freedom all seem to be seen as a 'destination' for most people. "I can't wait until I am successful," "I just need a fresh start to work my way back to happiness," "When I finish my apprenticeship I will finally be free!" I feel like this way of thinking is just a never ending loop of crap. I have seen people like this go around in circles over and over again working towards the 'destination' in complete misery. 


Maybe you know of someone? Maybe you have caught yourself with this thought process and that is totally okay, I still catch myself out and have to remember TO BE PRESENT: "If you aren't having fun then why are you doing it!!!" 


Something To Take Away


One thing I want to do more of in my life is travel as I have done very little, but a few of the places I have been to already have showed me so much that us as a Western society can learn from. Places like Fiji, Thailand and Bali have so little yet seem so present and happy. I have not heard ONE single person from those countries reply to conversation with how bad their day was, It isn't weird for us to hear it over 5 times in a single day! It is depressing and it's a fucking problem.


The reason I get up every morning at 3:15am to write positive affirmations and meditate is to counter the negative energy of the day. We are a product of our environment, so if the world is telling us how bad their day was of course we are going to get bitten by this evil monster and start doing it as well. Be a sheep and follow the trend or be a fucking Lion and live life your way, be present and enjoy it!


'Don't be afraid of being out numbered , a lion walks alone, sheep flock together.'


At the end of the day when we tell the world how shit our day was (when it really wasn't) it brings our-self down and everyone down around us. I am not saying that you can't be upset and tell someone if you have actually had a bad day, I am talking about the petty stuff that doesn't really matter like if it is raining... What is so bad about rain anyway?? It smells amazing and rejuvenates the world, most people use the rain as an excuse to complain about something when they have run out of things to complain about. I may sound harsh but we all know these people! 


I am very passionate about the topic, I 100% thoroughly believe that it comes down to perspective. Whilst we complain about the rain... Some 3rd world countries are embracing it, they have worse things to worry about. We can take a lot away from these countries, who wins here? Who is ultimately happier?

Look Like, Be Like, Act Like


In Western society there is a lot of pressure on what we should look like, be like and act like. Pressure that we should all be striving to be the pinnacle of 'societies definition of success.' The reason I said 'societies definition of success' is because what is success anyway? The guy with a million dollars? The famous actor? The athlete? Bullshit, I am a firm believer that true happiness is the definition of success, if you want to be the baker at your local shops and that is what makes you truly happy than go do that! Don't start up 5 businesses on a quest to become a millionaire because societies definition of success has told you to do that. Again, success isn't a freaking destination it is a journey!!


One thing we need to quit doing is thinking that once we get to this destination everything will be better. One thing we need to start doing more of is being present and enjoying the moment, this sounds corny and cliche but it's true!! I am not rambling shit this has worked for myself and I have seen it everywhere. The happiest people I have ever met are so damn present, they are super happy and content with what they have regardless of health, wealth or situation. They don't care for gossip, bad mouthing or materialistic 'things', they care for experiences, helping others and the journey.


With the pressure to look like, be like and act like from society it is extremely hard to be present and enjoy the moment. The way I look at it is we may only get one chance at life and I would rather spend it truly happy than complaining about the rain, how pathetic, if the rain is something to complain about then life is going to be hard.... If we could just stop for a moment and smell the rain, watch it fall, listen to it, feel it, we start to see the great things in life big or small for what they are. Not a destination, we see things for what they truly are in the moment. The moment is so important!


Even as I write this blog I smile hoping someone may read this and change their perspective, a chance to influence. 


Thank you for reading. :) 

- Jake Fisher




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