October 5, 2018

February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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July 25, 2017

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass... It is about learning to dance in the rain. "I will dance all fucking day long in the rain if I have to baby, throw it all at me!!" 


Before I hit the 302.5kg squat 2 weeks ago my training partner Jez pointed out that it was 666lb, I said "Good, ill wave at the devil at the bottom." This is the sort of self talk that gets me fires me up. 


Self Talk and Self Awareness


I don't know about you but in times that the universe is testing me I do a lot of self talking and reflection. I feel like if you aren't consciously self talking you will lose, self awareness is one of the most important skills that will keep you on the path to your version of success. If you aren't consciously thinking about what you could have and can do better all the time then you will only be limiting yourself.


We all know those people that blame the world for everything and it is never their fault, these people will lose, they are losers and if you are one of these people reading this then you aren't helping anyone, not even yourself. A lot of people really struggle to point out when they suck! And struggle even more pointing out when they have done something good! Owning a gym I am around a lot of people and I see this all the time! If we have achieved something big or small, take the win, own it and tell our self how great we are! If we don't know how to appreciate our success of course we will be depressed! We will NEVER be as happy as we could be. After all, life is about perspective and I chose to see it in the most positive way as I can AS IT IS OPTIONAL!! 


Oh Dear... Here Comes A Short Rant...


On that note, if training your mind to think positive is optional I don't understand why everyone isn't trying to do it! I swear 90% of people walk around aimlessly without real goals or purpose and just blaming the world as to why they suck so much. "Oh, look at her, of course she is on Ninja Warrior with genetics like that." Shut the fuck up, she worked her ass off to get there and what are you doing? Sitting on the coach watching the people that create these shows, not watch them.


I have heard multiple times about celebrities "Well, they get their own nutritionist and personal trainer so of course they look like that." Firstly, how the fuck did they get to stardom? Worked their ass off! Secondly, WE CAN ALL afford a personal trainer and nutritionist if we wanted to invest our money in the right places. Celebrities still have to eat the food and deal with cravings, they still have to actually train, there is a reason these people are at the top. Maybe, we could LEARN from these people rather than HATE on them. We all have choices at the shops, we all have a choice to put what foods in our mouth, we all have a choice to train. It is up to us to invest in our self, there is no one else to blame but our self.


Straight To The Point


Part of my morning ritual is to jump on YouTube and watch successful people talk etc... Lately I have been inspired by getting straight to the point when there is something that needs fixing rather than trying to sugar coat everything which is softening our generation. For e.g. If someone is overweight we struggle to accept it or tell someone they are overweight because it will hurt their feelings OR if someone is complaining about something pathetic, telling them they are complaining about something pathetic. It is certainly harsh, but it gets the point across straight away so they can either take action or live with it and suffer the consequences. Sometimes we need to be told the truth how it really is to make a change.


Taking the emotion out of things really helps move things forward. When it comes to business, training, self auditing or any task I am trying to get better at I do my best to take emotion out of it and come up with solutions as adversity comes. X + Y = Z it is as simple as that, if I cry about it for an hour and blame the world that won't get me anywhere. So if you are dealing with adversity or the next time adversity comes, calm yourself and take emotions out of the situation. What do you need to do to fix it? Huffing and puffing will do absolutely nothing for you, be emotionless and find answers.

Thank you for reading :) 


- Jake Fisher





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