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June 8, 2017

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Do You Want Shitty, Excuse Ridden, Half Assed Results!?

August 1, 2017

So you go to a gym hey? That's pretty freaking cool bro! But what are you actually doing there? Are you present? Are you concentrating on every single damn rep? Or are you flailing your arms and legs around hoping the magic gainz fairy is going to come along and give you results!?


It is all well and good to boast about where you are going to be in the future and how exciting it is that you are training so frequently, the results are going to come flooding in right!? WRONG! If you train mindlessly just doing the sets and reps, just doing the number rather than actually thinking about WHY you are doing the movement you are going to lose! Every single rep counts! I want you at your next gym session to concentrate and be present EVERY SINGLE DAMN REP and ask yourself WHY you are there. 




What Are You Even Doing Here!?


Seriously, What the fuck are you even doing here? I want you to ask yourself this at your next training session. It is about being present and understanding that what you are literally doing right now is going to be the product of your future... If you complain, make excuses and just half ass shit with no thought as to why you are doing a movement then guess how good your results are going to be? Shitty, excuse ridden, half assed results! I mean, a session is 1 hour out of 168 hours in the week, we need to wake up and get to work!


Owning a gym I am around a lot of people and I have seen a lot! At UltraFS Gym we train in 12 week training cycles and we hit 1 rep max's at the end on the squat, bench press and deadlifts. I have witness a few people get to the end of these training cycles and make very minor progress over the 12 weeks and they are upset by it, truth is I have watched them flail around for 12 weeks. At the end of the day don't cry about it, X + Y = Z, cut the emotions out of it as that isn't going to fix anything, in this situation we need to ask our self what could we have done better? Don't get me wrong either, at UltraFS we do everything in our power to increase progress but as the old saying goes 'you can't help someone that doesn't want to be helped' and lucky for us we don't run into this problem to often!


So next session when you start your first exercise consider trying to understand the purpose and the best way to get a result from it. I am talking about breaking the damn exercise down into reps, be present and feel every single rep out, after every rep you should be thinking how could I make the next one better. Sure a rep is a number but at the end of the day your body has no fucking idea what a number is, it just knows there is certain triggers that will make it respond and grow.


Here is an example, lets go over a bicep curl, super simple shit. We are going to do 3x10, the most cliche set and rep scheme in the business. When you start please don't grab the heaviest fucking dumbbell you can find and then drop it back the next set, remember WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE! Start off lighter and work your way up. First set is a feeler, every single rep you need to be feeling out where the sweet spot is, where the most tightness and burn is going to come from. It isn't just a freaking number, you are training with a purpose to destroy the muscle as you know in 12 weeks from now you will thank yourself you were so anal with each and every rep! You might even get to 10 and it was to easy, do you stop because your program says 10 on it? FUCK NO, do a few more and go to failure pussy! Again, your body has no idea what a number is, it just responds to stress. BUT, go to failure if there is no injury potential of course.


Always Attach A Why


Although I am harping on trying to sound like a badass I totally understand it can be hard to train with purpose. The trick is you have to find your WHY, find your PURPOSE. It is in all of us, you need to find that trigger that gets you pissed, the trigger that fires your passion inferno and you need to hang on to it. This is one of your greatest assets to achieving great success in any aspect of life.


Who is going to train harder and make more progress with their training:
1. The person who reminds them self of how much they love their kids and wants to be a strong functioning parent for them?


2. The person who comes in and wants to get fit and lose weight..?

Pretty obvious right? 'getting fit and losing weight' isn't a real why! It has no emotion attached to it. 'Getting fit and losing weight' is a typical saying for someone who signs up to a gym and stops going after 4 weeks, I am not just saying that, I have seen it over and over again and it is mind numbing. WE NEED TO ATTACH EMOTION to create purpose. I promise if you do this, you will be unstoppable, no fucker will get in your way. 


I hear this a lot: "I don't know what my WHY is though?" How are you going to freaking know if you don't start looking! If you don't ask the question you wont find the answer. If you are serious about getting results, sit down of an afternoon and write things down, write down things that hit the heart strings. THEN circle the top 3 that really makes you passionate and read them EVERY SINGLE DAY. 


It is typical of someone to start training off with a bang because they started with purpose and then they forget! REMIND YOURSELF EVERY DAY! It could be with posters, quotes or your own handwriting. Make an effort every day to remind yourself as to WHY you are doing it. You got this!

Thank you for reading! :)

- Jake Fisher




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