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June 8, 2017

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Life is to Short to Worry About Your Freaking Grass, Mate!

August 15, 2017

So, on the weekend I had an interesting experience. I went to my Aunties house with my partner Amanda as it was my Cousins 9th Birthday. Amanda and I arrived first before the rest of the family, My Auntie has a pretty narrow driveway so we thought we would park on the neighbours grass so we didn't get trapped in if we wanted to leave. So we parked up on the curb and noticed the neighbour was looking at us from his garage, I said to Amanda "I should probably ask him if it is okay we park here." I got out of the car and politely asked "Mate, is it okay if we park here for a few hours, we are just at a family dinner?" The man strolled over without saying anything, at this point I could see by his face he was a little upset but I was still not sure. 

Grass... Please...


The man walked over and asked quite rudely "What!?" I repeated my question nicely giving him the benefit of the doubt as I am a very patient guy.

Before I go on, I just want to add that I usually always back down from situations like this just so I don't upset people further and defuse the situation.

So, I repeated my question of parking with 2 wheels up on the curb and he replied "Well, why do you have to Fucking park here!?" I was about to back down like I always do and just get Amanda to move the car but something interesting happened that I have never done before... My morals kicked in.


'Life is to short to worry about stupid thing. Have fun, regret nothing and don't let people bring you down.


Excuse my language here but I replied to the man with "You are a dead set <insert bad word here>, I came over nicely to ask if we could park here, if it was an issue you could have responded nicely and we would have moved our car, how dare you fucking speak to me like that!" Sure, it isn't nice what I said and I wouldn't condone it but keep reading further and let me elaborate on what I meant by my morals kicking in. He then replied with "Well, I can't grow grass here because everybody keeps fucking parking on here!" As I looked at the rest of his front garden which was not taken care of I said "Life is to fucking short to worry about a couple of blades of grass mate, there are people out there with cancer and you are worrying about someone parking on your grass to go to a family dinner for his Cousins Birthday, you are fucking pathetic!" He then didn't have much to say, we moved our car and that was the end of that. I even later found out it was a nature strip, not his lawn.


Although in this blog post I may have come across like a nasty person, I assure you he was NOT a nice man and I am so sick of people abusing life and making it hard for everyone else, it is unnecessary, my sub-conscious kicked in and I gave him a serving for it. In the past I would have backed down, I am very proud to say the reason I lashed back at him was because I feel like at the age of 25 I am content with who I am and what I stand for. In the past I would have been nervous, cowered and backed down. I have a huge amount of empathy and don't want to hurt anyone even if they are in the wrong. Not this time, I felt content, focused and in control of what I was saying. I am becoming who I am meant to be.


This Is Who I AM


It wasn't until Amanda and I got in the car as we were leaving my Aunties that I realised what had just happened. Amanda said to me "I have never seen you do anything like that, it was kind of cool! You seemed so content with who you are and I knew exactly what you were thinking as you were yelling at him. You stuck to your morals and I am very proud."


Amanda noticed it before I did... The reason I wasn't nervous yelling at him was because it truly came from the heart and this is what I stand for. There are people in the world starving, in the middle of war, with illnesses, lost love ones, child abuse, domestic violence, murders, missing limbs and other tragedies. Yet, this cranky shit was worrying about a patch of grass that he didn't even own! Please, the world could really do with less of this.


I suppose one part of me isn't proud of the name calling and the yelling but at the same time I strongly believe by going to his level of rudeness it may have been an avenue to get through to him. I highly doubt he will change his ways but perhaps he will consider how silly he was to worry about something so petty. Like I said, if he had said nicely to move we would have.


At UltraFS Gym yesterday afternoon I quoted one of my favourite sayings: "Most of our suffering comes from our perspective." If a few blades of grass gets you fired up I can't imagine the misery you are going to live in. It is okay to be upset, let's be upset by real problems not the ones we created in our head.


Thank you for reading :)

- Jake Fisher


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