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February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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Shackles of Society

August 22, 2017

An interesting thing was said this morning at UltraFS Gym: "Why can't we still be a sponge like a child, it is amazing how much information they soak up so quickly."


Dried Up Sponge


I am a big believer in maintaining some of that child like imagination and curiosity. It isn't adult hood that takes our sponge like properties of being able to retain information, it is society and the world we live in. Think about it, the normal thing to do is go to school, then collage, get a stable job, find a partner, get married, buy a house, settle down, have kids, be a parent, be a grandparent. Who is telling us to do this though...? No one really, our own brain because everyone else is doing it. It is human nature to be frightened of change so we have a habit of following the next person even if it means being miserable most our life.


As a child we are all so curious and passionate to learn about everything, it is a whole world full of interesting brand new things. Here is what I think happens, as we grow up we develop structure and our own little version of routine, for e.g. going to kindergarten everyday. This is the start to drying out our sponge, we are taught to stay within the confines of our kindergarten box. This box starts to restrict us as we are taught to stay within the confines of our box as we know this is 'safe' and everyone else is doing it so it must be right. Fast forward 25 years and the only world we know is to go to work everyday and by the time we get home of an afternoon or the weekend hits we are so tired we spend most the time relaxing or gathering our shit for the next week.


'A child's mind is not a bucket to fill, but a fire to ignite.'


We then lose our child like sense of adventure, curiosity and ability to learn like a sponge because the world as we know it now is restricted to the imaginary box that society has created for us. Like I said, adult hood doesn't take our child like sponge abilities to learn, society and the world we live in does and it is important to be conscious of that. Perhaps stepping out of the box is the best thing to do for yourself... I did it, and it saved my life. 


Quitting My Day Job


 I left my day job because I hated it and it saved my life... Not literally but as the saying goes 'you are alive but are you actually living?'


After collage I started an apprenticeship as an Electrician. Not for any particular reason, just because it sounded like the right thing to do, it paid well and the amount of times I would have older people say "Awww yeah, I trade is the way to go mate, great money and security." So I went ahead and did it... By the 3rd year I realised I hated it! I was terrible at it because I hated it! Long story short, I finished my apprenticeship and quit straight away.


I won't get to deep into how I started personal training as that is a story for another day but I remember the feeling of creating my own hours, setting my own prices and the best feeling of all was knowing the harder I worked the more progress I would have. Of course money is great but it has never truly been about that, it has been about building something, I have always loved the feeling of creating something and helping it grow! It is in my DNA, it is how I have always done things that I enjoyed, I won't just do something for fun, I will do it to try be the best at it. I remember my first Online Gaming experience for example, I didn't play for just fun, I played to try be the best in the whole game! It is just who I am! So guess where UltraFS Gym is heading...? ;)


'Limits exist only in the mind'


Anyway, the main point I am getting at here is the feeling of being released from the shackles of society... I still remember the feeling and I honestly remember saying to myself "The whole 9-5 lifestyle was a lie this whole time, I can do whatever the fuck I want!?" It was an incredible feeling and it still is. I have so much freedom in such a weird way, although I am 'working' 14-16 hour days, I pick how I want to structure those hours and the best thing is it is all going towards something I am building! The harder I work, the more progress that is made! 


I am also very lucky in the sense that I have found my passion at such an early age. It isn't really working as I truly love what I do and am content with who I am. Don't get me wrong, there is that many times I want to pull my hair out, want curl up in a ball and start questioning myself.... Oh so many times do I question myself. So it isn't all rainbows and butterfly's but a true test of character indeed, one way to create thicker skin. 

SO, to conclude, there is over 4500 cities in the world, 7.5 billion people and you only have about 80 years to live... Can someone please tell me why the fuck most of us spend it locked up in a little box of 1 city and 100 people we associate with. Get the fuck out of the box and become a child again. Be adventurous, curious, learn and be passionate again. Retain your child like sponge qualities and take the shackles of society off!


The shackles aren't real, it is an illusion casted by society and created by our mind.


- Jake Fisher


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