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February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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August 29, 2017

I am writing my blog a bit later than usual today, I usually write them before I train but today I said to myself "I am going to write this one after I train because I am going to have a story to tell about hitting a new Bench Press personal best." Here I am typing with a new Bench Press personal record HAH!!!


I can type as much crap as I want in these blogs but it is always more interesting if it is a real story that can be relatable. Enjoy. :)


Beware of the Self Aware


Excuse my language but the Bench Press has been a real real mother fucker to me this training cycle. I Bench heavy every fortnight, this has been my progression:

8 weeks ago: 182.5kg

6 weeks ago: 185kg - MISS

4 weeks ago: 185kg - MISS

2 weeks ago: 177.5kg 

Today: 185kg GOTCHA SUCKA!!!!


After missing 185 the first time I was a little mad but nothing serious, after the second time missing it I was pissed! I had a real spack attack, my training partners Jez and Maty could tell you about it. After rationalising a little bit I had NO ONE ELSE TO BLAME BUT MYSELF. Had I been doing enough work to deserve the increase in the lift, NO, so cry all you want Jake but it is what it is. X + Y = Z, emotions won't fix shit and this goes for any aspect in life.


If we put on unwanted bodyweight, fail a test at school, are unhappy in our workplace or aren't consistent with our training in the gym IT IS OUR OWN FAULT! We have no right to complain and bitch about something when we haven't taken the right steps to earn. Let me rephrase that: Moan and bitch about it, then get the fuck over it and do something about it. That is exactly what I did with my Bench Press, notice 2 weeks after the second 185kg miss I hit 177.5kg, this is because I gave myself a 4 week buffer to add in more pressing volume. Then sure as shit, 4 weeks later I strike gold! Not because I am lucky, because I fucking worked for it. I was humble enough to ask why it hadn't moved, found a solution and fixed it. 


'Out of suffering has emerged the strongest souls; The most massive characters are seared with scars'


Envisioning Vs Work - Psychological Advantage


The interesting thing I had found about the 2 times I missed 185kg was coming in to both sessions I almost felt as though I wasn't worthy of it because I hadn't put in the work, this is a sure way to psychologically disadvantage yourself as well but I see myself as a realist. Today I felt like I had put in the work, today was my day to make it happen so I planted a seed and said to myself that I am not writing this blog until after I have done the 185kg to give myself something to write about, this put me in a massive psychological advantage. I have seen it in my head, now all I have to do is do it... Again.


In my opinion this can be carried over into ANY aspect of life in terms of trying achieve the things you are working for, note I wrote "things you are working for," I have seen far to many people with their heads in the clouds expecting results with little work. Both envisioning results and work have to go hand in hand, it is like all those people that spend hours and hours reading/watching self help content and go back to what they were previously doing with their lives without making a change... Like.... My brain... I can't even... Cannot compute.

'Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune.'


So where I am going with this is if you have done the work plant a psychological seed as well by envisioning it and then you will have a bit of extra fire under your belt. For e.g. If you are coming into a test for University, do you deserve to pass? Did you do enough work? If the answer is 'no' than you are going to struggle to envision a pass, unless you are in total ignorance. If you have worked your ass off and you deserve to pass, envision the papers being handed back to you with a big fat pass on it! This will eliminate a lot of the unnecessary nerves and anxiety coming into the test... Besides.... You have already passed in your head ;), you just have to do it in real life now. 


To conclude, ignorance will totally crush self awareness and emotions will distort it. Take emotions out of it, be a realist and attack your goals physically by working and mentally by envisioning.


Thank you for reading! :)

- Jake Fisher

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