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February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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How Did You Get So Big Bro!?

September 19, 2017

Since my last competition 1.5 weeks ago I haven't been able to help myself, I have been training HARD! It is typical for a Powerlifter to have a de-load week and completely rest the week after competition, I stayed away from the heavy work and punished myself with lighter machine type exercises, so I guess you could call it a semi de-load week.

As I finished one of my sessions my pal Maty was standing at the front desk of the gym with Cindy and blurted out "Cindy wants to know how you got so big!?" I was a little stunned at first and gave some smart ass answer back. I am still not sure if Maty was just being a smart ass or if Cindy genuinely wanted to know, either way the question had the brain juices flowing.


I am more of an introvert when it comes to answering these type of questions in deep thought so this is the perfect opportunity to sit down quietly and type up good blog post.


Before I go on, for the record I am 125kg with 20% body fat. I am by no means the strongest or the biggest person in the world but I have experienced enough on my journey getting to where I am now to give away some valuable feedback for the question "How did I get so big?"

Here You Go Cindy

So Cindy, this is my answer: Fucking show up, this may sound cliche and stupid but I mean it, show the fuck up! Not just when you're motivated, not even when you don't want to, I am talking even when specialists and the fucking haters are telling you not to. I mean when 95% of society wouldn't show up, thats when you keep showing up. It isn't foreign for me now to walk into a gym and be one of the biggest/strongest guys in there, this is because I have showed up more than 95% of them, 5% of us just keep showing up! And I am not just talking show up for months or years, I mean for MANY years. I am 9 years deep into my training and 4 years into Powerlifting, which in the grand scheme of things isn't that long!

I mean showing up when you are sick, when you are injured, when you have fucked up shit going on at home, when your boss is being jerk, when the universe is taunting you with all sorts of messed up shit... Fucking show up. I can already feel the people reading this that are shaking their head thinking "This is so unhealthy, there is no way you can have a balanced lifestyle... and he swears a lot." You are right, I don't want a fucking balanced lifestyle, balance to me means average at everything! If you want to be great at something you know where you can put your 'balance!'


- 2am training before wisdom teeth surgery, avoided pain killers the next day to hit a 280kg squat personal best with a swollen face from surgery.


- Adductor tear, 220kg high box squats for reps the week after, the box stopped me from hitting depth that would hurt the muscle tear whilst rehabbing it.


- Tore my Pec and Lat in the space of 2 weeks, I built a 300.5kg Squat for a junior GPC World Record. I worked around the muscle tears.


In these 3 examples do you think a specialist like physio or a doctor would of told me to keep training..? Of course not! You just have to be clever with how you work around the situation, there is ALWAYS something you can do... ALWAYS! If you are the type of person that looks for excuses then for one: This blog post is going to piss you off and for two: Having the smallest niggle will be enough to stop you from training. That is your mind giving up, not your physical body. Let me remind you, there are people out there doing great things with cancer..!


Another aspect: Not just showing up with your training either, show up with your nutrients, rehab/prehab, mobility and sleep as well. A lot of people seem to forget or don't even know about the character building qualities of this.... DISCIPLINE, you need it to grow in any aspect of life, name anything, it requires discipline. 


'Pure cold hard discipline to the point that it is a sickening obsession and no mother fucker can get in your way!'


No One Cares Cindy!

As hard core as I try make myself sound in this blog post, no one gives a crap Cindy. One of the most important things I have learnt is to be able to push through adversity without trying to get the tick of approval from someone else. Push that fucking cart of adversity straight through hell, you don't have to be smiling, you just have to push the damn cart and be content doing it when no one is watching. Do you know where you're pushing the cart Cindy!? To fucking glory, so when it is our time to go, we know that we tried 110% and squeezed everything out of our beautiful chance we had at life.


I even had a few people mocking my deadlift setup yesterday at the gym, they were doing it out of fun and a bit of a laugh, but they were mocking it because it is a little different than most. Isn't it interesting how I can pull 322.5kg and hold a few Federation Australian Deadlift records.. Remember how I spoke about the 5% Cindy? 5% puts you in a category of being 'weird' and 'different,' so if you get haters, made fun of, even if it is just for a joke it means you are being different, different is good. Different means you are stepping away from what 95% of what society does, you are stepping away from the comfort blanket, stepping away from the sheep to go be a WOLF! 


Blended chicken breast drinks, devouring plain tofu out of the packet, 2L of milk per day, 1am meals, coffee shots straight from the teaspoon, eating a pizza per day, waking up with dead arms multiple times a night from my body weight, 1am gym sessions. I do a lot of weird shit that gets shunned upon Cindy, but I can tell you, no one is shunning when you are holding over 300kg in your hands, or a gold medal around your neck. They are asking how you did it and I don't think they really want to know.


Now, before I get carried away, I am no all time great Powerlifter (yet) and I am no big shot (yet) but I have full confidence in saying that "I am coming, it is only a matter of time." 


So Cindy, to answer your question "How did I get so big?" This is a part of my experience and I hope this can shed some light to your question. The next time life is giving you hell and the critics are telling you not to show up and 'rest,' what are you going to do!?... SHOW UP!!!

Thank you for reading :) 

- Jake Fisher


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