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June 8, 2017

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Life Athlete

September 26, 2017

You know how people train for a sport, thus turning their status into an athlete? The sport gives purpose to their training and lifestyle, there is an end goal in mind to be the best at your craft (sport) that you can possibly be. What if life was your sport.. What if it was your goal to become so damn good at life that you became a 'Life Athlete.' The next time someone asked you what you are training for you can reply with "Life Mother F**ker!"

The Story of a Life Athlete


I am going to let my imagination wonder a little bit here so bare with me...


It's 4am in the morning and you bounce out of bed after 6 hours sleep. Energy is quite high as you have trained your body to be an efficient machine. It is time for your 60 minute morning run to start your morning off by ticking the first box, you eat a banana before departure and you are on your way.


Coming home you have your morning coffee, a bowl of oats mixed with organic chocolate protein powder to fuel the day. Breakfast involves either a podcast, reading material or Youtube self help content involving success, mindfulness and how great minds think etc... You are well aware of how powerful your sub-conscious is so you choose to drill it with positive content each morning so you can think, feel and act like a successful person.


You are at work by 7:00am each morning. No one has to be at work until 9am but you decide to get in early each day for extra production, besides, greeting people as they come in with as smile and energetic attitude is something you enjoy doing. There is a reason you have been promoted each quarter and are hitting well over 6 figures in your salary.


Lunch time involves escaping all technology and sitting down somewhere quiet to enjoy being present and letting your sub-conscious figure out things that tend to clutter your mind when you are so engaged with work, friends and social media etc... You have a great understanding of the importance of sitting down and shutting up for 30 minutes. Mindfulness is a powerful tool for ultimate happiness and production,  a lot of people are just busy not efficient.


You proceed to hustle through the arvo getting as much done as you can at work before leaving at 6pm. Again, You are only required to stay until 5pm but you have great pride and enjoyment in your work as you chose a field you are passionate about so you don't mind staying back. As everyone leaves you give an energetic smile and wave goodbye before closing up for the night for your boss. Your boss is thoroughly impressed that he is able to leave early because of your efforts, he is becoming near retirement and has even mentioned selling the business to you when he leaves.


A quick meal before heading off to the gym at 7pm for your strength and conditioning session at Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym ;). This generally takes an hour which brings home by 8:30pm for dinner, shower and bed. You can't stand watching T.V. as it involves the News and Drama, both clouded with negative traits that you are aware will shred your sub-conscious into bad thoughts, habits and gossiping. Besides, you love your lifestyle and job so much as it is a passionate field you chose and are content with your day!


A sleep by 9:30pm to get up at 4am and do it again! 


The weekend comes, STRICTLY no work on weekends.  This is now time for relaxing, family and exercise. Especially Sundays, the phone goes off and this is the day you let your hair down and chill out. You have been so productive through the week that you have urned it, it is time to refuel to avoid a burnout. Again, being busy is different to being efficient. 



I just let my imagination run wild there, this is what I imagine the life of a 'Life Athlete' would look like. Efficient and productive at life! This was a scenario of someone who is obviously looking to be successful at business and climb the corporate ladder so I understand if some of you can't relate to it but so many scenario's could be used. 


How cool would it be to feel so empowered, energetic and healthy - physically and mentally that you literally bounce negative energy away and have a positive aura around you that is contagious. We all know at least one person that just seems to walk in a room and lighten it up.


If you need purpose to train, train for life! Become a 'LIFE ATHLETE!'


- Jake Fisher


Thank you for reading! :)





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