October 5, 2018

February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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It's About Time For a F**king Change!

October 4, 2017

There is a big change coming for UltraFS Gym... And I am scared Shitless. So what am I going to do about it!?



Imagine darkness, you are walking through it one step at a time. You see two evil eyes peering through the darkness in the distance. You hesitate for a split second, then anger fills your soul, you have come to far to go back. Clenching your fists you stare straight back at the eyes and pace towards it with fury, how dare anything try deter you from how far you have come. As you get closer, the eyes become clearer, bright blue and evil. It is to late now, determined fury has filled your soul, you are relentless! THERE IS NO TURNING BACK! 


You are only a few steps away now, clenching your teeth, sweat dripping off your face, your eyes narrow as you focus on your prey that is in the way. The evil bright blue eyes brighten, a mouth appears wide open, sharp blood ridden teeth. You have one last chance to turn back, one last chance to evaluate. A slight hesitation to think, this  leads to a passion inferno that burns so hot, so bight, it is an inferno! The passion inferno sears through any emotion that is trying to bring you down. Glowing flames spitting off you with pure desire to succeed, you take the last few steps approaching the beast.


You are face to face now, BIG evil blue eyes, Sharp penetrating teeth riddled with blood and torment, the face is of a lion, huge mane! It stares at you claiming his spot as King. You are in to much fury to care, glowing with desire, flames rage around you with passion. "HOW DARE YOU ENTER MY DOMAIN!" You scream with violence straight into the beasts face. 10cm away you stare at each other with intensity making it clear you won't be going anywhere..! 

**POOF** He vanishes, an illusion. . The illusion of fear, change and growth, The beast wasn't real. The darkness was in your head, the beast was the fear of change. As for you... You decide how you approach the beast. 


To Conclude...


This was a description of how my head feels whenever I approach a big change like what is coming for UltraFS Gym. There is beasts all around trying to deter me from moving forward, it fuels me and makes me furious. Furious to the point I stare it in the face and I TELL IT WHAT THE OUTCOME IS GOING TO BE.


I have learnt from observation, reading and experience that these emotions are good, it means growth is coming. I believe we should chase these feelings to move forward in our lives. If you haven't felt the fear of change for a while, maybe it's time to do that one thing that you have wanted to do NOW! If you don't know what that one thing is, maybe you should find it. You won't find it without looking... It is time to move forward!

Thank you for reading :).

- Jake Fisher

#TheUltraCulture #UltraPL

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