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February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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A 3 Lift Life Lesson!

October 24, 2017

On the weekend I competed in Powerlifting at the GPC Canberra Cup - Burley Strength Gym, I had an absolute blast!! There is nothing better than being at competition and just thoroughly enjoying the experience. Here is how I went:

2nd Place in u125kg
Squats: 260/280/300X
Bench Press: 170/180/187.5
Deadlifts 275/295/305
Total: 772.5kg 

Numbers didn't matter to me so much at this competition, the experience did. Eric Lilliebridge, a world class powerlifter was coaching Jez and I on the day, an experience that is invaluable for up and coming Powerlifters. Our lifting friendship group has been very fortunate to form a tight friendship with Eric that has enabled us to train with him, pick his brains and just see how the best of the best do things. Great bloke, great lifter.


Squats: If You Haven't Done The Work, Then Don't Cry About It


The only lift of the day that I missed was my 3rd attempt of 300kg, I am not mad about it and here is why: I hadn't done enough work to feel as though I earned it. I don't mean this in a negative way, I am a realist, I cut emotions out and see it for what it is. I had practiced only twice with a new bar position on my back and the heaviest I went was 260kg in training. At comp I went 260kg, then 280kg and only just missed 300kg due to balance as I was coming up, I was SO close. Still very proud of my efforts with very little experience.


Had I had more experience with the new bar position I would of nailed the 300kg. I have no place to cry about it, I hadn't done the work!! I'll go back to training and be relentless with it. When I come back in 2018 I won't be surprised if 300kg is my second attempt! 


Moral of the story: Be self aware, if you haven't done the work and get a shitty result, don't cry about it. 


"Ignorance will only lead to a life of limitation."

Bench Press: Learn From Your Fuck Ups


My 3rd attempt Bench Press of 187.5kg was my favourite lift of the day. The reason being: I hit it so damn crisp it flew up, if I could hit the same groove 192.5-195kg would have gone. BUT, my 170 and 180 prior to it weren't as nice, there were two main reasons:
1. Eric was so strong he was unracking the bench and lifting my shoulders/upper back tightness out of their groove.
2. I wasn't setting my feet up as far back as I could of for extra tightness, maybe a bit of ignorance on my end.


As the saying goes by Albert Einstein "Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result." Pretty simple solution to make my bench even more efficient, tell Eric to hand out a bit softer and pull my feet in tighter. As a result, I snapped 187.5kg up for a fast competition PB.


Moral of the story: Doing the exact same things is going to produce the exact same results. Change requires.... Change.... DERP! 


Deadlifts: Keep Your Ego A Side


Eric called it early, a week out from comp he said: "You may have to adjust your planned numbers as there is only 2 flights of lifters." Usually there is 3 or so flights of lifters allowing for a much longer rest between lifts, no sir, not today! Literally after squatting it was time to warm up for bench press, after bench press it was time to warm up for deadlifts! Basically, imagine a 5 hour training session... Not to say it is a bad thing, it is still an even playing field for every lifter. 


 But, this is the beautiful thing about Powerlifting, YOU MUST play the game as it is on the day, you simply can't fully predict what is going to happen on the day. This is why it is important to keep your competition PB's seperate form your gym PB's as they are completely different. 


Anyway, sure as shit I was gassed by the time it got to deadlifts. I pulled 305kg which I am very happy about! Not because of the number but the way Eric reminded me to hold my composure and take what was there. I have deadlifted 322.5kg at comp before, The fast paced comp had me good for about 310kg at best. Had I got my emotions involved and thought "Well, I have done 322.5kg before, lets go for 325kg," It would of damaged my overall total, ended in frustration of knowing I was greedy and a higher injury potential.


Moral of the story: KEEP YOUR EGO A SIDE! 


Thank you for reading! :) 

- Jake Fisher






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