October 5, 2018

February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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Put Yourself Back Inline!

October 31, 2017

Staying Inline With Your Goals

I am just going to start by saying its fucking hard... Straight up... It is fucking hard. 


A week and a half ago I competed in my last Powerlifting competition for the year, I had premeditated I would relax after this comp, have a few wild nights and let 'ye ole hair down' as they say. A friend of mine was going to Oktoberfest on Saturday the weekend after the comp, perfect! Time to get buck wild! 


PLOT TWIST: On Saturday night I found myself with my grip wrapped firm around a damn barbell putting in work! It was one of the toughest sessions I had done all year... How the freaking hell did this happen, it is time to relax boy! 


On Wednesday last week, I was invited to Arnolds - ProRaw X, which is being held in Melbourne in March 2018. An invite only competition for the best Powerlifters in the country. As you could imagine there are some BIG lifters going that will be throwing around some enormous weights. Now, I consider myself to be a good lifter... good lifter, not great yet. Arnolds is where 'great' are invited to. This is the biggest competition that I will have done to date and as an 'underdog' I feel it is my duty to put in the work and PROVE I am meant to be there. 

'Don't talk, act. Don't say, show. Don't promise, prove.'

As a realist, I realise that there is a very slim chance of placing at Arnolds but I have a golden opportunity to be in the mix and show myself and everyone I am meant to be there. Not only that, this is the experience of a lifetime, I am going to have some fun and throw some damn heavy weight around! The perfect place to set some personal bests... And hopefully meet Arnold :O! 


So, thinking about it last week the thought of sitting down with a German beer in my hand just didn't make sense to me one bit. Short term the fun would be fantastic, long term I achieve a hangover, empty bank account and a foggy week. To add to the situation Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym is expanding in a few months so I have to have my head screwed on with all the change happening. 


How dare I abuse an invitation to Arnolds and drink the first weekend after the invitation. A lot of people would use it as a reason to 'celebrate.' Well, whilst some celebrate, some are working to celebrate later. Don't get me wrong, at Ultra's 2nd Birthday Party in 5 weeks and New Years there is a high chance I will run a muck, but for now there is work to do.


I am going to achieve great things before I die, it is that simple.


Enough About Me, Lets Talk About You!


You may disagree with a lot of what I wrote at the start of this blog and that is fine. These are my goals and the way I see them. We need to figure out what you truly want out of life and stay inline with that.


A perfect example is a conversation I had with Connie at UltraFS Gym yesterday. I made a joke that she was "off the rails at the moment," because she had been drinking and running a muck most weekends lately and her response was "What if that is what I enjoy doing?" She was totally freaking right! She works hard at the gym so she can have some fun on the weekends, perfect!


The problem is if you were to say to me "I want to save for house in 12 months and earn 6 figures by the end of the year" and then you are going out every weekend. This is when people walk around in a fucking circle of madness butting their own head over and over again wondering why they aren't moving forward. 





In my opinion true happiness comes from acting inline with your vision of success whether it be big or small. THIS CREATES A SENSE OF ALIGNMENT. I see far to many people dreaming of extravagant things that they aren't willing to work for. UNDERSTAND that it is okay not to be willing to work for something, change your goals to something you are willing to work for! OR to flip it, develop a work ethic that is inline with your goals.


To break it down, ask yourself these questions:
1. How much time and energy are you willing to sacrifice?

2. With the time and energy you are willing to sacrifice what are the things you can

achieve?? Don't be ignorant, be realistic with this question.


3. Are you happy with your answers??


4. If yes, welcome to alignment.

5. If not, there is not alignment and something needs to change.


Thank you for reading! I hope you got something out of this, if you did make sure you share it with people you think will find it of value. :)


- Jake Fisher








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