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12 Quick Tips As To Why You May Suck In The Gym!

November 7, 2017


Blow Your Mind!

Hey there, Jake here from Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym. Here are 12 quick tips from personal experience that may resonate with you and help take your training to the next level. Enjoy! :)


1. I have seen people with perfect training, sleeping and nutrition habits go completely backwards in strength because of one thing.... STRESS. CHILL OUT! 


2. The most stressed out people I encounter in the gym are the ones that blame everything on their surroundings and nothing is ever their fault. It must be hard blaming things on stuff you can't control, you can control yourself though.... Maybe it is you?? ha!


3. The most progress comes from those in the gym that are most self aware, they take criticism as a positive. They are okay with being bad at something for a while. Always being a student is the best way to move forward. 


4. From my experience the best Powerlifters on the planet keep it very simple! Beginner to intermediate Powerlifters seem to over-complicate things by trying a million different training programs, nutrition techniques and constantly changing their set ups on the squat, bench press and deadlifts. Hanging around the likes of Eric Lilliebridge and have spoken to many other world class lifters, they keep it simple. Run the same program for years, don't get injured and be consistent with your training, sleep and nutrition... Simple.


5. 100% of the time I have given out eating recommendations to follow no one has stuck to them. Food dairies are the way to go as this way your trainer can tweak how you are already eating!


6. WAY to many people stress about things they cannot control. As a Personal Trainer/Coach we get forced into the roll of accidental psychologist and half the time I am thinking to myself "Well, none of this has anything to do with you, nor will it effect you at any time in your life sooo......?" Be self aware, worry about things you can control :).


7.  Most the time "I just need some me time" is a load of shit and an excuse to be lazy.


8. Overcoaching is a huge issue. 1-2 ques to learn at a time, start with safety and then make the lift more efficient. It is okay to let go of a few things whilst learning the top of the hierarchy. "OMG, did you see that guy squat 350kg, his knee's caved in by 1inch." Big fucking deal, shit happens when you hit 90-100% of your max. Just know to work on the issue on the lighter weights. 


9. If a trainer tells you a que to help your form and you blame the barbell, the equipment or something that happened to you that day, you are only limiting your own progress. This is called ignorance, it is okay to be shit at something.


10. Consistency trumps all... I have seen people progress faster coming twice a week at the exact same time than someone who comes 4 times scattered all over the place with no structure.


11. If you are training and not taking in enough protein you will literally not go anywhere. It is like going to work and not being paid. My training buddies with experienced bodybuilding backgrounds recommended I have 300-400g of protein per day as a 125kg Powerlifter. Make sure you get them gains in! 


12. Lastly, just because your program says to do 10 reps shouldn't mean you only do 10, go until it fucking hurts. Your muscles don't care about 10, they care that if they are straining, this causes them to grow. Response to muscle stress is growth!


Thank you for reading :)!

- Jake Fisher





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