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February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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What The Actual F*** Are We Doing!?

November 14, 2017

Me: "I am both extremely terrified and excited at the same time, I guess I either 'learn' or I 'succeed' there is no failure."

Older Gentleman: "Failure is getting to my age and not having tried at all."

Well didn't that fucking hit home like a semitrailer driving straight into a brick wall at full speed. I had heard inspirational speakers and fluff talkers quote this before but when it is spat out of an older person aged around 60 (my guess) it really fucked me up. HE WAS RIGHT!

What I am referring to is the expansion of UltraFS Gym, adding another 200m squared by knocking the wall down, a calculated risk on my end to allow for the growth, the gym will be a total of 400m squared. This conversation was held in the empty shell of the new area. Think concrete floor, dust and nothing in site... Just a shell. It was 8:30pm and dark outside, I was just showing Coach Oli the new area and a couple of the guys from the business next door came to have a look. They asked what I was doing with the space and we discussed my plans.


Let me repeat what the Older Gentleman had said: "Failure is getting to my age and not having tried at all." Imagine a look of deep regret, the tone in his voice was of sorrow, his posture even collapsed a little. It pierced my soul like sledge hammers falling onto a glass house. I will remember this moment forever.

For all we know, we only get one shot at this life thing... What the actual fuck are we doing. GO GET IT!


Play To Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Playing to your strengths and weaknesses comes with a lot of SELF AWARENESS and there is NO room for ignorance and arrogance if you want to be good at this. I am by no means a perfect example but I do consider myself as having a good gauge at who I am.


Firstly, I will use myself as an example and then we will flip it on you. Excuse me if I sound like I am rambling on about myself, you may learn something about me though. :)


One thing I know about myself is I am willing to do whatever work is required to get something done. If it requires 24 hours work, a 2am wake up, eating dinner for breakfast, whatever.... I don't care. This gives me great confidence making a calculated risk like expanding into a new space for the gym, whatever needs to be done will be done. If something doesn't work I will make it work.


Another thing that I see as one of my biggest strengths is I come across quite goofy. Anybody that knows me, knows I like to goof around, make jokes and not take things too seriously. The thing with my goofyness is I may come across like a fool or I lack knowledge, this then leads to people not taking me seriously, which is fine because what it does is open people up to see more of their true colours. This part is my favourite, because of my goofy nature leading to not being taken so seriously I am so underestimated. Just know I am a sponge, listening and learning in the background.


I am actually very introverted when it comes to planning my next move, I need to do it in silence in my own space. Face to face is great to throw around idea's and then I need to be by myself to put the puzzle pieces together. There are other things like empathy, compassion and ability to read people, I see myself as having a very high emotional intelligence.

A few things I am shit at: Extrovert traits like being the centre of attention in large groups (10+ people), talking on video and public speaking, these require a lot of energy and doesn't come naturally to me as I am not a very witty thinker, whereas blogging I am great! Although I can be very compassionate I am also very self absorbed when it comes to my goals and I have to be conscious of this as it can effect my family life and relationship with my partner. I can be very hazy and foggy headed, if I have a thought I need to write it down, my memory is terrible! 


Anyway, Enough About Me...

From experience with meeting, watching and reading about highly successful people they are all very self aware about their strengths and weaknesses. I am not saying this to recommend being the next Richard Branson, but to possibly take a few pointers and become more self aware and find out what you are really good and bad at to use them to your advantage. 


Try this as an exercise:
- Grab a notebook and have two columns - Strengths and Weaknesses. 

- Write down what you think all your Strengths and Weaknesses are.

- Show it to a family member and close friend and see what they think.

The trick is your family member or close friend see's you from the outside and your true colours. They will tell you a lot about exactly who you really are. It may hurt to hear some things but remember it is for your own advantage. I am actually going to show this Blog Post to my partner Amanda to proof read so lets see how well I gauged 
myself, ohhh shit! haha!


Thank you for reading!! :) 

- Jake Fisher


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