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June 8, 2017

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'Snooze' Button aka 'I'm Weak' Button

November 21, 2017

"When I get this gym off the ground I want to be so busy it makes me sick, I literally want to experience what it is like to be so busy that from the moment you was up to the moment you go to bed it is straight hustle."


I said this 2 years ago, I remember it clear as day. I would preach it loudly to people with my chest in the air making a statement that I was on a mission. This year, 16 hour days are just the regular, your wish has come true Jake. The thought was abstract but now there is work to do piled up for days on end that requires your full attention every waking moment. In fact, we are in the beginning stages of needing people to do the work that you cannot fit in anymore! If I am honest, I freaking love it! There is something sick inside me that loves knowing that sweat, work and straight hustle doesn't scare me. I feeling of being in control and unstoppable. 


One of my greatest fears is 'not having control over my life.' If I need to change my diet, I will change my diet. If I need to train 5 days a week, I will train 5 days a week. If I need to get out of bed off 4 hours sleep, I will get out of bed. Snooze button? Ha! When has anyone EVER felt better after hitting the snooze button, just get up. 'Snooze' button aka 'I'm Weak' button.


Taking Control!


I had an old friend of mine named 'Matt' come visit me at the gym today, I hadn't seen him for over a year. We have known each since high school, he became one of my first clients before Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym and even became a member when the gym opened. He left for personal reasons and had still been following the gym on social media, he saw that we were expanding and had come back to visit today! 


One thing Matt said today had stuck: "I have seen what you are willing to do man, at least you have something to show for the 16 hour days." Coming from someone who has followed my journey it was very touching. I have been working so freaking hard with not much to show for it. Now, expanding into 400 square metres, soon to have a coaching team of 4, a thriving culture, a
community of great people, a gym that is contributing to bettering lives! It is simply fantastic.


I am not trying to boast here, just jotting my excitement down into the keyboard! Here is where it turns on you! What Matt said really resonated the fact that I am in full control right now. Sure, I have owned a small business for 2-3 years now, great Jake but it isn't like you started 'Google.' This is true, BUT the feeling of being in control is the most empowering feeling I have ever felt, here are some tips that helped me which might help you!


Your Turn To Take Control!


1. Positive Affirmations

- Every morning I wake up and write down 3 positive things that happened to me yesterday. Not some bullshit like 'I got out of bed,' or a positive with a negative tail like 'I didn't have to go to work.' 

- It needs to be focused on the small and large things, the idea is to become a prolific optimist. Being pessimistic is literally the most useless attribute you can have, it doesn't help you or anyone around you.


2. I am's

- Every morning I think about what my day ahead involves and I write down everything I need to be. For e.g. 'I am confident,' I am a leader,' 'I am funny' etc..

- This has a very powerful effect, write it down enough and you start to become these things.


3. One Thing I Need to do Today to Achieve My Goals

- One Major task I need to complete today to move forward towards my goals. For E.g. today mine was to write.a blog, it is 9pm after getting up at 4am, I am tired but it has to be done! Gotta spread the blog love!


4. Mentors

- Whatever you are trying to achieve, find someone who has already done it and ask questions! You don't need to beat a new path in the bush if someone else has already done it. 

- I have a few great mentors that keep me grounded with a place to fall back on if I am about to make a big business decision.


5. Watch/Read Successful/Inspiring People
- Every morning or once a day I watch/read at least 5+ minutes of content containing someone who inspires me.

- Humans are a product of who we surround ourself by, if I can't actually be around these people then I will surround myself in other ways. 

- You learn how these people act and you become more like them.


6. Self Awareness

- I argue that this is the most important of all. If you are naive, ignorant, arrogant or any of these things you will always lose. 

- Make attempts to see how you might be coming across to other people, how you are feeling and why you are feeling those ways.


7. Blame Yourself

- It is okay to be shit at something and make mistakes. Every day I hear people blame the world for shit when the problem could be solved faster if you just looked at themselves.

- Even petty things like if I say to someone "Try use more leg drive on the next deadlift" and they respond with "It's hard when you made me do squats prior to this." They just blamed myself and the squats, NO you just sucked, use more leg drive! It is okay to have to work on things, thats how we progress! By blocking out your own f**k ups you block out your own progress


8. Gratitude and Entitlement

- Being ungrateful and feeling entitled is the recipe for a plain fuck wit of a person. There I said it!! I said it because I truly believe it. You may agree that there is nothing worse than a person who is ungrateful for what they have and feels like the world owes them something.

- This tie's in with the positive affirmations, you learn to appreciate the small things and become more grateful. 

- Especially in Australia, you literally have the opportunity to be whatever you want and do whatever you want. It is just whether you chose to learn and work hard enough for it.


9. Work Ethic

- In my opinion this is one of the most empowering, when you know you are willing to put in hours no matter what, you feel unstoppable.

- This one is a tough one, you gotta earn it by doing it.

- I was lucky enough to have a fantastic mother who made me work for what I wanted at a young age, I had a job at 16 yrs old, walked to school every day, walked home from work at midnight to then go to school the next day.


10. Do Something You Enjoy

- If you don't like what you do you will never be great at it.

- If you hate your job, find something else right now, you will be dead in the next 100 years and thats all you have. Starting a new job you like won't kill you, one step back, 10 forwards.


Anyway, before I get all ranty on yo ass ill stop there, seems I could keep going forever haha. I understand that I am only 26 and no guru, I just hope that these few tips that have helped me gain a sense of control and empowerment may be able to help you too! I really hope you found value in this blog post and thank you for reading!! 

- Jake Fisher



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