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June 8, 2017

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Why You Should Be Extremely Terrified and Excited at The Same Time!

December 12, 2017

Recently someone said to me: "You must be really excited expanding into a new space!" I responded with 'I am both extremely terrified and excited at the same time."


If I am honest I have been using the phrase "I am extremely terrified and excited at the same time" a lot lately! With the buzz of change happening and.... WAIT... That's it..! 'CHANGE HAPPENING!' 


Change Happening


*LIGHT BULB* With change comes thoughts, with thought comes emotion. It is only normal to think about how you could fail or succeed. Ahhh yes.... The feeling of terror and excitement that comes along with it. Let's get something straight, if you want growth CHANGE HAS TO HAPPEN, I would say in my opinion... But I feel like it is a fact. So, if you want growth, saddle up and enjoy the roller coaster of feeling terror and excitement!


Do you have any great challenges in your life right now where you are feeling both excited and terrified at the same time?? If you don't have this combination of feelings I would argue that there isn't much growth happening, you could be sedimentary and it is time for something new! If you do have the combination of terror and excitement hats off to you!! Keep GROWING! :)

Before I go on, For those of you that don't know me, I started the Ultra Fitness and Strength brand 3 years ago and Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym 2 years ago. It is safe to say I have felt terrified and excited the last 3 years, mostly when I first opened the gym and currently as we have just expanded 200 square metres, bought new equipment and brought on 3 new coaches, which in turn will allow for growth.


Something 'Oprah Winfrey' said a few years ago has stuck to me like glue. It went something along the lines of: "You are much better off being driven by optimism and the excitement of what could happen rather than driven by the terror of fear of failure" It is so perfectly worded that it rips my perspective straight back into dream land and makes me feel extremely excited of the possibilities of what could happen! 


Fear and Optimism are most certainly two types of motivation. Very simply put, I could be motivated by losing 10 gym members (fear) or motivated by gaining 10 gym members (optimism). Or something you could relate to perhaps, you could be motivated by the fear of losing your job or the optimism of getting a pay rise. I will tell you right now if you are motivated by the optimism of getting a pay rise you will be far better geared for success! Not only will it effect your life in a positive way but others as well.


With Change Comes Accidental Haters



I spoke to a good friend of mine Dave yesterday. Dave also owns a gym and we briefly discussed the transition of expanding. One thing that I said was "I found timing the transition point of when I should knock the wall down really hard, there came a point when my gut was telling me to do it and as soon as I voiced it a few people would tell me all the things that could go wrong. So I shut the fuck up for a few days and didn't say anything to anyone, I listened to my gut and I just went and started taking action on my own terms. The numbers worked, the gym needed more space, we had to make the jump! After the wall was knocked down the same people were super excited and optimistic about it!!!" 

I am not new to this, EVERY SINGLE TIME it comes to making a big decision 95% of people are going to try bring you down. Not usually on purpose, they have good heart and sometimes they say things that you should actually take on board but MAN can it get to you. My advice is to be very careful who you tell, I highly recommend discussing big decisions with someone who has done it before as that will be legit advice and they can tell you FACTS, not just fluffy crap that will pull you down when you need to be lifted up.


In an interesting way these 'accidental haters' could be seen as bluffs... or tests even. They aren't real, they are testing your strength. Use both your brain and your gut feeling!

To conclude making a big decision I will say this: Use both your gut feeling and your brain to make a big decision. You need some of your gut feeling riddled with optimism, the other side to this is it has to be plausible so use your brain to reduce the risk by being realistic, in other words a calculated risk. Then ask someone who has already done it before for advice. 


Now, if you aren't both extremely terrified and excited at the same time, go chase those feelings!!!

Thank you for reading! :)

- Jake Fisher



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