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February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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The Last 2017 RANT!!! >:)

December 20, 2017

*Language Warning* *Rant Warning*

Are you turning up to training or are you actually fucking training?


Are you slowing down for Christmas or are you executing to get ahead for 2018?


What type of fucking person are you? 


Are you going to sit on the side lines? Hit the 'Like' button and watch the 5% achieve great things? Or are you going to be the mother fucker that is to busy working to even check social media. 


Creating the news, not watching it.




Ahhh.... That felt good, it is about time I went on one last rant! It will be a bit over the top, but it will feel so good! >:). 


Be A Damn Winner Not a Side Line Sitter!


"It is too hot to go to the gym," these are the same people that complain it is to cold to train or it is to wet to drive to the gym. At the start of Summer if there are a few rainy days they complain that Summer isn't hot enough and then when the heat turns on they complain it's to hot. You my friend, are going to fucking lose. Never satisfied, an ungrateful formula that is only going to effect YOUR progress. I am sorry, but no one gives a shit that you didn't go to the gym because the weather wasn't up to your standard.

The same type of person is the type of person that wonders why they are getting shitty results when in reality they are training shitty! I BET YOU that this type of person only trains hard when they are feeling good at the gym. Let's face it, how often do we actually feel freaking fantastic going into a training session?? Unless you have had 12 scoops of pre trainer and 5 coffee's of course you are going to feel better but this is beside the point. My point is that this type of person will train hard maybe 1 out of 4 sessions. 


"BUT WHY AREN'T I GETTING RESULTS!?' I can hear them cry. Because mother fucker: You only train when the temperature is between 18-22 degrees and when you are at the gym you only have a fucking go when you feel like it. Basically, in short, you suck and you are going to lose unless you change.


HAHA This is fun! >:)


Follow The Herd and Be Left Unheard


"No no, I can't do that, I must follow my pack of sheep! I will certainly not eat mince and pasta for breakfast and the thought of getting up at 4am to train is just ludicrous!" 


Let me tell you something Busta! Eating mince and pasta for breakfast is only weird because society told you that it is weird when in reality this food is better for you than your damn fruit loops! YOUR mind (and 95% of society) is telling you that it is weird, do you think a fucking Lion or Bear gives a shit!?


Sure, there is 24 hours in a day. Humans have worked out a system to measure the cycle of years, months, weeks and days which is a very powerful tool. LOSERS worked out a system that tells you, you shouldn't get up at 4am! Why? Because it is weird, 95% of society is getting up at 6am+ and they will tell you that you should to! Hang on... How dare anyone tell you what you should do with your time!? IT IS YOURS! Not theirs!


So, to the losers, let's break this down! Does the universe care if you get up at 4am? No. Does a dog care if you get up at 4am? No. Does the top 5% successful people in the world care if you get up at 4am? No. Does 95% of society care if you get up at 4am to train? YES, it seems so! What you should do in each hour of the day is a human construct... Don't be a fucking sheep, go out and get it! Do it your way! 


We are taught as as a child to go to school, high school, collage, find a partner, marry them, have a kid(s), buy a house, have grandchildren, retire, die. WELL... Why can't I do it this way:
Go to school, high school, collage, start my own business, become a powerlifting world champion, build a business empire, marry, have a kid(s), retire at 40.... Oh wait!! All of this requires getting up at 1-4am, eating mince and pasta for breakfast.. Better stick to the herd of sheep.


Whilst I am having fun getting carried away with this blog I will say this. This sort of lifestyle isn't for everyone and I respect that BUT from experience I see a lot of people wanting a fancy lifestyle but not willing to sacrifice... Ahhh 'Sacrifice,' that word just sparked another rant! Here we go...



This can be a very interesting topic, one thing I have learnt recently is it seems to be more about shifting your focus towards what sort of goal is realistic for your level of sacrifice and work ethic etc... A lot of people seem to shoot way to high and are forever disappointed because they are no where near their target, be realistic! What is your sacrifice and work ethic willing to get you and pick goals in that are realistic and in that range!  


If you want to compete on a world class platform you better be willing to sacrifice A LOT, if you want to train to look good and be healthy then the sacrifice is a lot less. If you want 7 figures and a mansion you better be ready to sacrifice! If you want a promotion and push for 6 figures and that makes you happy then the sacrifice is a lot less. There is no right or wrong, it is about what you are happy with and willing to sacrifice. 


Alright, to conclude I am going to turn the heat up for one last bit of fun >:)! 

You are going to die soon... I mean it. You are going to be dead in 80+ years... That isn't a lot of time and the 80 years isn't certain. Think of the last time you trained hard... How did you feel? The pain never lasts, it is just temporary. It is only hard, not impossible, you are going to be dead soon and you won't even know what hard is anymore. ENJOY hard, earn results!


If I go deeper, some people are born without a choice. Born into domestic violence, illness, disease, poverty, born without a choice. YOU mother fucker are born with a choice, a choice to create whatever you want so don't waste it! As soon as you start taking advantage of your life the feeling of entitlement creeps in and you turn ungrateful, as soon as you are ungrateful you fucking lose. You have chosen to be ungrateful and you will be forever unsatisfied. YOU HAVE THE POWER OF CHOICE THAT SOME DON'T HAVE.



Thank you for reading. :) 

- Jake Fisher



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