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February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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Why You Are Going To Crush 2018!

January 11, 2018

Alright F**kers this is what you are going to do! 


Haha… Just kidding, here are a few tips that you should consider if you really want to slap 2018 around!

(Sunset on my Perth holiday)

What You Are Going To Do


Build Momentum


YES, it is a New Year and we are all feeling the incredible New Year buzz, it is a great feeling and we are going to take advantage of it.


This is what you are going to do! You are going to build momentum and create new habits. Use the New Year buzz to your advantage and roll with the new goals you have set for yourself for as long as you can. 1 month creates a habit and 3 months creates a lifestyle. YOU ARE NOT GIVING UP THIS YEAR!


So as the New Year hype dies down by around late Feb what are you going to do!? You are going to keep grinding through it until the end of March, thus creating a lifestyle habit. 


Morning Ritual


Tomorrow morning you are going to start a morning ritual. Your thought process and sub conscious is the key to being relentless chasing your goals. How you act on a sub conscious level is the bi-product of your environment and what your mind has chosen to take in. So, lets choose to take in some positive thoughts, tell yourself you are a fucking badass and how you are going to crush 2018.


Here is what I do each morning:
- As I am eating breakfast I watch a 10min Youtube clip of someone highly successful for my knowledge and to keep me motivated.


- I write down 3 positive things that happened to me yesterday. This drills in a positive perspective and a skill to look at the smaller things in life. No one has ever been successful for pessimism.


I then write down my ‘I Am’s.’ I think about what I have to tackle during the day and what I have to be to take on the day, for e.g. I am a leader, I am confident, I am a world class powerlifter etc..


- The last thing I write down is what I am going to do today to work towards reaching my goal. When I write this down I HAVE TO DO IT. Not only this, it kicks my mind into gear to stay on course.


Start this tomorrow!

 (Scarborough Beach)



Structure is the damn KING! You are going to create/stick to routine and structure this year. You are not going to fluff around, you are going to find the most optimal time for your tasks and do it at the exact same time each day, each week.


Structure = Consistency. Who wins the marathon, the person who sprints at the start? Or the person with the consistent steady pace the whole way?


Better Than Yesterday


You are going to be better than yesterday! You are going to start thinking about what you can do today to be better than yesterday, the morning ritual will help you stay on course with this.


It doesn’t have to be big it can be something as small as reading 2 pages of a a fiction book, completing a task or watch 5 minutes of a topic on Youtube. Would 2 pages of a book give you more knowledge than yesterday? YES! 


The main thing is that you keep ticking them boxes! 




Far to many people do the same shit every year. Get to about March and lose all hope of the goals they have set as the New Year hype dies down. YOU ARE NOT DOING THAT THIS YEAR. 


Experiment with some of the tips I have given above, wrap your hands around 2018 and show it who the fucking boss is.


Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share it. :)  


- Jake Fisher





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