October 5, 2018

February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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Chase Pain, Chase Negative Energy

January 19, 2018

It is time to prepare myself for my top set of deadlifts. 280kg for max reps, my old personal best is x2 reps. I roll me legs out and activate my gluteus before the set, as I prepare physically I am also preparing my mind: 
"Think about the people that are in pain that don't have a choice," a bunch of nasty images pop up in my head... Cancer, domestic violence, car crashes all sorts of trauma. "You are going to be dead within 80 years," "Remember that embarrassing moment you had this week, are you going to embarrass yourself again by failing this?" "Arnolds is in 9 weeks, you aren't worthy are you? Prove that you are!" 

I draw upon negative energy... I slaughter 280kg for 5 reps, 3 more reps than I have done in the past. I used negative energy to create a positive out come.


Below is a picture of a Mural I had painted by John Voir, he absolutely nailed it. The skull with wings resembles 'using negative energy to rise above.'

 Shout out to John Voir who did this fantastic Mural at UltraFS Gym. You can check out his Instagram @V01r.


My Perspective As A Lifter


Although, the things I think about when I train are brutal and could make you question my sanity, it gives me access to let go of them and use them for good. In my opinion making me more sane by not letting it all bottle up because I access the negative thoughts and use them for therapy, I use their energy to move forward, I use them to do great things.


From a lifters perspective, when you are approaching these weights you cannot go in at 50%, 75%, 90%... It has to be 100% or you can really hurt yourself! So this tool of accessing negative thoughts gives a huge adrenal dump allowing an extreme energy burst and focus.


I truly believe the reason I have the self-discipline and work ethic to work 70+ hour weeks which built 'Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym' is because of the trauma I put myself week in and week out training at the gym. Even if I have a busy business related week, nothing gets in the way of my training as I know how much it positively effects my life, it isn't just 'training,' it keeps me centred and focused.

Pre-280kg x5 Deadlift


In my opinion we all need to chase pain and negative energy to move forward in all aspects of our life. For e.g. Someone who is 60kg over weight had to spend 2 years of trauma to get the excess weight off. This person has now impacted their life positively on a HUGE scale and a very high chance the carry over will have created strong self-discipline/mental toughness that will effect other area's of their life in a positive way as well. 


Another example on a smaller scale could be: Asking your boss what you should improve on, he/she will then tell you some negative or constructive feedback to work on. On a small scale you have just chased a small negative to receive feedback to positively impact your life. If you take offence to the feedback, that is called being ignorant or 'being a pussy,' haha just kidding! Take it on the chin and move forward!

Go On, Hurt My Feelings!


In a softened generation with participation awards and last place trophies I truly believe we have lost our understanding of how much pain, trauma and negative energy can strongly positively impact our life.


A lion doesn't get a participation award for 'trying' to catch it's prey. If the lion fails, it doesn't eat. It has only one option... to learn and try again with it's new skills!

We are so scared to hurt someone's feelings by telling them they didn't do a very good job. I love it when someone tells me I didn't do a good job, sure it may hurt initially but it gives me clarity that I didn't see before on how I need to improve. It takes some balls to ask someone "What can I improve on?" and listen to them rattle on about how 'bad' you are at something... 


Here is a perspective twist, it isn't how 'bad' you are, it is just feedback, feedback to move forward! Cut emotions out of it, X + Y = Z. You need to do this to be better, just go do it and don't cry about it. Without knowing how 'bad' you are at something you will never move forward! Self awareness is key here, Ignorance will crush you.


I say, if you really want to improve at anything, ask as many people as you can who are better than you at what you are trying to improve on what you could be doing better, take it on the chin, use the negative energy to move forward!

Anyway, just another weekly ramble and food for thought. Thank you very much for reading! 

- Jake Fisher






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