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February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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Start Your Impossible

February 22, 2018

It is nice to be sitting here listening to some 'Hans Zimmer' with a couple of hours to spare that allows me to let go of my mind. I haven't blogged in weeks, I have never wanted my blogging to be forced otherwise the content is less creative and weak.


Anyway, Here we go....

(Matty Pre-Squat)

Start Your Impossible


As kids we have these amazing dreams of what we will be and do when we grow up. Our imaginations run wild with crazy thoughts and idea's, we are so certain we can actually do it! "I am going to fly to the moon one day," "I am going to be a comedian," "One day I am going to own a mansion and luxury cars!" We are fearless!!!

Did you know: We are only born with two fears: The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. So where did the other fear of doing great things come from!??? I will tell you my belief!

We start growing up... We hit the age of 10 and all of a sudden we have to be 'realistic' or what I call 'societies version of being realistic.' Mummy, Daddy and society are now telling us that it is 'impossible' to earn 7 figures, it is 'impossible' to be a world class athlete,' 'it is impossible to run a 200+ person company,' they usually won't word it that way, in fact they might even just say it through their actions or start laughing at our ideas.

Mummy and Daddy say "You might want to look into the public service or an apprenticeship. There is great security, sick leave, annual leave and good pay." Then the as kids we hear other adults telling us the same things. It is all out of good will but over time at a young age we start to think that maybe being an astronaut is a bit unrealistic. No one has said the words impossible, they have just worded it in a different way. Our kid dreaming spirit gets absolutely crushed by society.


Again, we are born with two fears: The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. I strongly believe the fear of being successful is created by society and those around us. 

(Ultra on a rainy day)

Being An Astronaut Is Unrealistic! But There Are Astronauts??


I STRONGLY believe we still have our kid dreaming spirit inside. The reason I say that is because I am living proof, basically I don't give a fuck about what society says, I will chase whatever it is I want to chase and I will do whatever it is I want to do. No matter how unrealistic it seems, from my own experience you are far better off chasing something with purpose than sitting around waiting for things to happen... You will be waiting a long time... Sit around and watch 'Married at First Site' and talk about people or go out and fucking get it. Simple. 


"Unsuccessful people, they talk about people
Successful people, they talk about ideas."


As soon as I got my ticket as an Electrician I left to start my own PT business 'Ultra Fitness and Strength.' After 1 year opened a gym, after 2 years hired my first staff member, after 3 years expanded and doubled the space with multiple staff members. Small progression, each step taking me one step closer to creating my dream of gyms around the world that fixates on culture & acceptance as well as a place of health, well being and holistic performance through the guidance of small group coaching and tailored programming. 


The amount of times I have been told "Oh at least you got your electrical ticket to fall back on." I hated it, I won't be falling back anywhere near it. I pursued a dream for far less pay and security to chase happiness and freedom. I have purpose. I am not saying all of this to blow my ego up, I am saying this to try trigger belief in you. 

Like I said before, I strongly believe that we still have our kid dreaming spirit inside. You know when you sometimes drift off and say "wouldn't that be nice?" Then snap back to reality and think it is unrealistic. Fuck that! It is unrealistic because society told you it is, you need to understand that dreams become a reality when you listen to your dream spirit not the pessimistic bullshit that surrounds us. 


Your dream could be to own a bakery, it could be to go fishing every weekend, it could be to own a multi-million dollar business, it doesn't matter how big or small your dream is, chasing your dream will give you purpose! One thing I have learnt is there is no destination, the journey and the process gives you purpose. Purpose gives you fulfilment.


Going to a 9-5 that you hate and coming home to watch shows that gossip about people is not fulfilment. You will be dead in 80 years, you can be dead with a fulfilled life or dead with regrets, the universe doesn't give a fuck. Start your impossible!!


Feels good to blog again! Yeehaa!! Thank you for reading! :)

- Jake Fisher


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