October 5, 2018

February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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Modern Humanity: Material Over Life

April 5, 2018

Gemma walked into the gym a few weeks ago and told me about how she almost died the night before. She was driving up a hill when all of a sudden there was someone coming over the ridge on the opposite side of the road heading straight for her. She swerved onto the other side of the road narrowly missing him... And death...


The car flew passed her and went directly into a tree. Somehow, the man in the car was okay. He got out of the car and the first thing he said to Gemma was: "I only just bought this car!"


..... Is this really what humanity has come to...

Material Over Life


In a moment where a man's life was almost taken and he almost killed other people around him, his mind sub-consciously went to a material thing he had just bought. This proves that most of modern western humanity has reached a stage where we value material over our own life... My heart hurts...


I have done previous blogs talking about the odds off us being alive in this era, winning the sperm race, the earth being millions of years old, blah blah blah we all get it. But seriously, we are all so caught up giving to many fucks about what other people think about us that we value their opinion more than our life, hence why this guy cared more about his new car than his life and the lives of others.


Although I don't care anyway, I am sick of even just considering giving a fuck about the negative thoughts other people think about me and I quite frankly have no more fucks to give. The more life experience I get the more I realise how much people don't actually give a shit about us so why the fuck do we actually care. As an example I am getting a braided man bun done soon (stay posted): 1. Because I think it looks sick/different and 2. Because I am going to enjoy watching all the judging faces look at me weird whilst they are to scared to raise a finger because of what people might think of them. Guess what, you will be dead in 80 years and no one will give a crap. Lets do what we want! 

Some people will think you are weird, nice, angry, mean, intelligent, different, friendly, odd, pathetic, a gossip, a lier, great, fantastic. No matter what you do, there will be different views and opinions of you, so rather then pretending to be who you are, be who you are, it is a win, win. By law of attraction you will attract the right people in your life, if you are fake you will attract the wrong people. Accept that it is okay to have some people not like you, they are just not the right person to be around. It is like a Cross Fitter interested in UltraFS Gym (Powerlifting), I will tell them it isn't for you and refer them to a Cross Fit Gym. It is okay to be scared at first to be completely you, but once those fucks you gave are gone, you will be completely centred and feel incredible.


Anyway, just a short blog tonight, I wasn't even going to do one, I just started writing and the blog wrote itself. Look after yourself everyone, be yourself, live, laugh, love and fuck the haters. Peace.

- Jake Fisher



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