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February 22, 2018

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June 8, 2017

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The Forgotten Results Of Training

April 12, 2018

I saw my Physiotherapist Dave today and he asked me a very interesting question: "Have you found as you have put on size that people treat you differently? And do you feel different as a person?" This question lead to some very interesting topics about how we are so tunnel visioned towards little goals like increasing our squat max or losing 5kg that we forget about all the other benefits.


Let me elaborate....


Training Has Almost Endless Results


Walk Into A Room With Respect


One thing I have noticed is if I enter a room and there is a guy or girl in there looking in really good shape, buffed up, healthy etc.. They seem to get almost an instant form of respect without saying a work yet. I guess it could be a form of animal instinct, just like if a big strong Lion entered a pride of Lions he is going to get attention and a form of respect straight away.


Without being egotistical what so ever, yes since I have put on a stack of muscle and size people do treat me a lot differently.

Confidence Around People


Tying in with the respect thing. I was a very shy kid and would come across as a heavy introvert. I am naturally more 50/50 introvert and extrovert, I was just shy. Over a period of time I started to get treated with a bit more respect and naturally gave me more confidence. As we know, confidence plays a big roll in almost every part of life. I can say very confidently that the gym has changed my life forever, I would never have competed on a pro stage in Powerlifting or opened UltraFS Gym that is for sure.


Releases Some Fears 


One thing that was brought up was the topic of fears. One thing that has happened is: I am far less scared of walking on the street at night, talking to strangers or the fear of someone breaking in. I said to Dave they are pretty f**king unlucky if they break into my house, although I don't really know a martial arts or anything it is just nice knowing you have a lot of power behind you and strength in case something does happen.

I won't lie though, I am still scared of paranormal. I can't punch a ghost!


Less Limitations Through Strength


If I carry an injury or niggle the rest of my body is strong enough to compensate and use other muscles to move me around with less hassle. For e.g. I tore my hamstring a few months ago, no worries the quad will take over for now, I could also drag myself around through my core and upper body strength well enough.


Another example is simple things like carrying the shopping inside in one go, lifting objects (surprisingly a very handy skill to have haha) OR my absolute favourite example is when my Grandpa was sick with cancer and he fell over, my Mum who I have trained for years now, was able to pick him up because she was strong! 


Less Limitations Through Body Literacy


Body Literacy - meaning mind to body awareness. Having the ability to know where your limbs should be in certain movements gives you a huge advantage to avoid injuries in any physical facet of life. A great example could simply be exactly what I am doing now, rather than slumping to type this blog out I am semi-braced through the core and pinning my shoulder blades back and down. 


Back to carrying the shopping bags or lifting heavy objects, knowing how to brace and where bits of your body should be and what muscles should be activating will make sure you do it very efficiently and very safely at the same time. We ain't taking two trips for the shopping!!




I won't ramble on and bore your brains out but I can think of so many other benefits to training than just 1 simple tunnel visioned goal. Examples: Discipline, work ethic, morals, goal setting, pain barriers, blah, blah, blah.

I could easily go on forever. With this I conclude by saying I strongly believe every person in the world should be doing some form of physical training as it pays off in many disciplines. Be excited for training, it is the ultimate investment in yourself.


- Jake Fisher



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